Active Shooter and Violence in the Workplace

  • November 17, 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Park Hills Country Club 219 Highland Terrace, Altoona, PA 16602
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Registration: 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM; Breakfast served during registration; Presentation begins at 8:00 AM

Location: Expected to be in-person at Park Hills Country Club

Recertification Credits: 2.0 HRCI/SHRM

Topic: Active Shooter and Violence in the Workplace


  • Introduction - Overview of the instructor's background
  • Disclaimers
    1. Nothing will cause the audience harm.
    2. Anyone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTDS) should consider their ability to partake in the training.
    3. The verbiage in this training is blunt and to the point.
    4. This training, nor any other training, can guarantee your survival.
  • Foundation - Who is an active shooter ?
  • Train your Brain - You are only as good as your last training. It is not instinctual to respond.
  • Situational Awareness - An explanation of how important it is to know your surroundings.
  • Jesse Lewis Story (Sandy Hook) Active Shooter Simulation - When given the opportunity...RUN! The audience will be warned that an active shooter situation is about to occur. A "shooter" will enter the room fire several simulated shots while playing the role of a shooter. PURPOSE: to train your brain you must Hear, See and Feel what it is like to be in this situation. OUTCOME: The audience will begin to realize that without a predetermined plan the brain will tell the body to "freeze".
  • Simulation (Break Down) - Instructor and audience will discuss what they saw, heard, smelt, felt.
  • Calling 911 - An audience member will be asked to simulate a call to 911. He/she will be asked identify their location, provide information on what they saw, and describe the shooter (the audience will assist). PURPOSE: The audience will have different accounts of what they saw and heard. This is how the brain works in the time of a crisis.
  • RUN - HIDE - FIGHT - Complete explanation of how to run, hide, and fight.
  • Gun 101 - The instructor will explain to the audience how a gun works. NOTE: This is a survival skill.
  • Lockdown - A breakdown of what a "true" lockdown is and when it should happen.
  • Police Response - A quick demonstration of the Police arrival to an Active Shooter scenario. 
  • Sarah Story - A story about a young girl who saved 6 children.
  • Closing Remarks - Emphasis on paying attention to your surroundings and identifying the verbal and non-verbal cues of an Active Shooter. You can...RUN- HIDE-FIGHT!!

NOTE: This training is unique in that there is a live simulation of an Active Shooter. The simulation allows the audience members to:

  1. Hear what a gun sounds like being fired at proximity.
  2. Smell the aftermath of a weapon being fired.
  3. See the interaction of those around them.
  4. Feel the anxiety of a traumatic situation.

This simulation allows the audience members to "train their brain" for proper response if ever involved in an Active Shooter scenario and to develop an active shooter plan for their organization. 

Of course, the guns used in the simulation ARE NOT REAL, but provide for a REALISTIC atmosphere. 

Disclaimer: This presentation is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the subject matter covered. Any handouts, visuals, and verbal information provide are current as of this training date. However, due to an evolving regulatory environment, Threat Preparedness does not guarantee that this is the most-current information on this subject after that time.

Training content is provided with the understanding that the instructor in not rendering legal or other professional services. The training is intended information on survival tactics when confronted by an Active Shooter. However, this training nor any other training, can guarantee survival.   

    Presenter: Bubba Fatula, Consultant, Speaker, Motivator

    Presenter Bio:

    Said to be an "expert in his field" by the Wall Street Journal, Bubba is a high-energy, passionate keynote speaker. He is widely regarded as the go-to source on threat preparedness development and implementation. Additionally, Bubba has been invited to speak to organizations across the United States while empowering thousands of people "to train your brain to tell your body how to survive". 

    Using his military, law enforcement, and safety & security background, he compels people to believe they can survive a crisis. As a former police detective and undercover narcotics agent, Bubba shares his real-life experiences while explaining the importance of developing a survival mindset.

    As the owner/president of Threat Preparedness-The Fatula Group LLC, Bubba has made a name for himself throughout the United States as a sought after speaker and prominent Threat Preparedness Consultant who believes every business should have a plan on how to manage a crisis before it happens, as it happens, and after it happens. 

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